Requirements for the Free Youth Invest Training

Potential Candidates should have the following requirements:

1. Must have a BSc/HND or a final year student in the University/Polytechnic.
2. Must have studied or currently studying a course in Faculty of Science or Engineering.
3. Must not be more than 31years old.
4. Must either be a recent Unemployed Graduate or a Final Year Student based in Lagos.
5. Must have a passion for ICT
6. Previous entrepreneurial experience (with proof) will be an added advantage.
7. Ladies are HIGHLY encouraged to apply.

Application opens in April.

What you trainees stand to benefit:
1. An opportunity to learn SQL DATABASE for free and also learn practical applications on it’s usage.
2. Opportunity to be selected for enrollment in our Innovation Hub.
3. Opportunity to get profiles sent to targeted employers (Recruitment Opportunities).



  1. i would like to apply because i love to learn,i have always loved technology and this would bring change into my life,am a ssce holder,can i please apply


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